Daily Discovery #56: Henry Jamison

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Henry Jamison

Daily Discovery #56: Henry Jamison

This track by HENRY JAMISON opens as a peaceful piece of beauty. But when the bass and drums kick in, it picks up pace and you know there’s a story to be told.

Acoustic guitar, distant violin and the gorgeous choral sounds create an open peaceful space. A tranquil image appears in your head and you’re set up for a relaxing track. The kind that takes you away to a beautiful landscape – thoughts leave your mind and you can stand alone, carefree. This opening first third sounds similar to Bon Iver and Ben Howard, with vocals that are quite simply beautiful. It really would be the perfect soundtrack to a yoga class.

But it doesn’t continue. There’s a love story to be told. The bass comes in, the drum gives the track a purpose, and the vocals change form. Now we hear the folk come out, and Henry Jamison shares his tale of a girl he couldn’t let go of.

Speaking to Consequence of Sound where the track premiered, Jamison said: “‘Through a Glass’ is problematic. I can’t call it an intentional study in anger or well-wishing, since it’s both and was written in a fever. When I sing it now, well after the events it describes, I think of it as an ‘ode to delirium,’ a phrase my friend used to describe a photo of us in college.”

Through a glass is Henry Jamison’s second release after Real Peach was put out last month.

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His ability to write both music and lyrics in such an engaging way was perhaps innate. His father is a classical composer and his mother an English professor. But the family ties go further back than that. Back in the 14th century, a great (x many..) grandfather was poet John Gower and his great-great-great-great grandfather was the most popular songwriter of the Civil War era, George Frederick Root.

Through A Glass will be included on his debut EP titled The Rains, due out October 14th with Akira Records.

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