Daily Discovery #57: Jack Ellis

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Jack Ellis

Daily Discovery #57: Jack Ellis

Spilling over with emotion, here’s the perfect example of storytelling in music. It’s the concluding track of a two-part series by JACK ELLIS.

A beautiful opening to a track is the guitar pattern which is warm but sounds distant. It’s setting up the feeling of loneliness and despair. It’s calm, there’s a  muted drum and a soft chorus in the backing. It feels emotional and Jack Ellis’ vocals reinforce that. They begin soft, holding on to emotion before “Lay your words at me just” is blasted out – with all huskiness present. It’s followed by a softer, harmless, “just one last time”. That constant change in tone keeps the emotion rife throughout the track.

The track is the second and final in a two-track series. Together, they tell a story of love, the end of a relationship, and on to the feelings your left with as it ends. The Storm tells the beginning part of the story, part one. Here’s the video:

Picking up where The Storm left off, and to complete the story, here’s the video for Disdained which premiered on The Revue.

The video goes hand in hand with the track. It’s bleak, lonely and shows despair, reflecting the feelings in the lyrics and the emotion in Jack Ellis’ voice.

We recorded a caravan session not so long ago with Jack Ellis with a beautiful stripped-back take of this track Disdained. Keep an eye out, we will share it soon. But for now, here’s where you can keep up to date with Jack Ellis, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter from Wales: