Daily Discovery #58: Sacred Paws

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Sacred Paws

Daily Discovery #58: Sacred Paws

With bags of energy, sacred paws have reinvented the break up song. No longer a time for a ‘man sized’ box of Kleenex they’ll help you dance the problems away

It’s arresting. The first time you hit play on the new Sacred Paws release you’ll feel the pound of the drums as the guitar jangles its way through bouncy riffs. For a break up/love song, it sure has a joyous feel to the track. With half chanted vocals, it’s pop in its most catchy form.

Despite the gap of around 400 miles between the group’s members, they’ve managed to follow up last year’s debut EP with a track that brims with energy. Consisting of London based Rachel Aggs (bass and guitar dubs) and Glasgow based Eilidh Rodgers (drums). The duo get together to pen new material every time they play a show. Usually traveling up the day before, it gives them plenty of time to practice and write.

Speaking to Line of Best Fit Rachel describes the sound of the track. Aiming to create a ‘kind of conversation going on between drums and the guitar’ giving the track an energy alongside the vocals.

The single is due for release on October the 21st as 7″ or download. Via Rock Action Records.

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