Daily Discovery #60: FØNX

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Daily Discovery #60: FØNX

Combining a love of RnB and the likes of Frank Ocean and Kanye West with the traditional elements of singer-songwriter, FØNX is ready to create his unique identity

There’s a lot to discuss with FØNX’s initial release. With layer built upon layer, it provides a criss-cross of various genres. The sound wouldn’t be out of place on your favourite top 40 radio station and yet keeps the integrity that many yearn for in chart music. To describe it as a love child between Ed Sheeran and smooth RnB, wouldn’t be far off the mark.

The track begins with a soothing reverberated riff, before growing in depth as various elements are applied. For those that may have caught FØNX live you’ll have noticed the way he crafts out his sound using a loop pedal and an effects mic. By manipulating the layers, he creates a unique tone that combines with his tender vocals. You can see how the tracks are built in the Caravan Sessions that he recorded for us.

The track is available as a digital download and marks the beginning of FØNX’s journey. Formally performing under the name of Corey Fox-Fardell the Sussex singer-songwriter is in good company, signed to the same management that looks after Hannah Trigwell.

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