Daily Discovery #62: Big Bug

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Daily Discovery #62: Big Bug

Here’s a catchy & energetic guitar number by BIG BUG to get you pumped up for the day.

Drums, guitar, clicking and friendly vocals – what more could you want. This latest release of BIG BUG takes us right back ten years when the catchy indie tracks with catchy guitar riffs dominated the radio. It’s almost impossible to sit still with this track blaring through your headphones or speakers. If you’re up for the challenge, good luck sitting through 1:24…

Its just one of those tracks that are hard to get enough of, lending itself to endless repeats throughout the day. Considering the lyrics are about being with someone you shouldn’t be with, it’s incredibly energetic and upbeat.

“Stop but looking at me like that,you know it makes me smile
And I don’t want to do that, because my best friend knows I stole his automobile”

This release follows Painted Blue, featuring the same inviting vocals and catchy guitar riffs but a little calmer:

Big Bug are a trio from London; George Kirkpatrick, Charlie Pollard and John James Davies. You can see them live at their next show 29th October at The Montague Arms, London.