Daily Discovery #63: Lazy Day

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Lazy Day

Daily Discovery #63: Lazy Day

Gritty and raw guitar meets distinguished vocals to create a spacious but powerful low-fi track. Here’s the latest release of LAZY DAY.

It opens emotive. The slow repetitive guitar is matched with an echo of space allowing Tilly Scantlebury’s slow vocals to take full attention. The drums come in bringing more purpose to the track, its less reflective now, but only more emotive.

Speaking about the track to The Line Of Best Fit where the track premiered, Tilly said:“‘Disappear’ is about being let down or forgotten about. About someone who only sees [himself/herself] and so doesn’t see you.” 

Lazy Day began as a solo project, just Tilly and her unique voice. Now she has a full band behind her creating the complete package. They’re based in London with their next three gigs spanning the UK. You can catch them in Edinburgh on 1st October, Brighton on 5th October, or 10th November in London.

Disappear follows on from a 2015 Record Store Day 7″ release of tracks Portrait and Groucho.

Whilst at LeeFest in the summer, we recorded this stripped back take of Portrait with Tilly for our Caravan Sessions:


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