Daily Discovery #64: Abi Ocia

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Abi Ocia

Daily Discovery #64: Abi Ocia

A debut that will envelope you in a warm bundle of air. Here’s the first glimpse of ABI OCIA.

This stunning single of London-based Abi Ocia balances a powerful electronic production with impeccable vocals. We first get subdued piano chords, creating a muffled, cosy atmosphere. A slow, withheld drum beat relaxes you into the track which keeps building in excellence. The distant speaker saying “What are you afraid of” adds another dimension to the track and is reintroduced at various points throughout.

The muffled piano continues throughout with electronic noises fading in an out. It fluctuates in layers and the sounds introduced make a wholesome listen. The soft but powerful vocals of Abi Ocia are really something. Her tone is soft and sensual yet could stand alone and pierce through silence. We don’t hear Abi Ocia continuously though, there are moments the track is left to speak for itself. This makes us appreciate just how perfect the vocals are even more. They heighten the emotion the track gives out. Her main vocals are responded to with backings of a soft “when you’re running, running” and similar phrases which add a further layer and bring more oomph to the track.

Speaking to Pigeons and Planes where the track premiered, Abi Ocia said:

“I wanted to explore an inner dialog with myself, following a journey of seeking out something greater than what you are used to, even if it means purging yourself of things you hold dear.” 

Releasing the track on her FB page, Abi Ocia gave us the confirmation it’s not a one-off: “I have been patiently waiting to share this. May it be the first of many.”