5 of the Most Unique, Bizarre and Creative Vinyl Records

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5 of the Most Unique, Bizarre and Creative Vinyl Records

Vinyl is a thing of beauty. Pulling a record from the sleeve, not only is it an aural treat but a visual sensation too. We’ve recently launched our limited edition record club, matching exclusive coloured vinyl with craft drinks. To celebrate, here’s a some unique and creative record designs

1. String pressed into clear Vinyl!

Mess on a Mission. Couldn’t have given it a better name. Released as part of Record Store Day in 2014, Liars embedded pieces of multicoloured string into clear vinyl. Limited to a run of 1000 it’s a spectacular way to illustrate their sound and style.

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2. Cremation Ashes in you record

Um. Here’s a weird one. When you die, what do you want to happen to your body? Obviously organ donation is a good one, but how about having your ashes pressed into a record? For a small fee of £3000 And Vinyly’s basic package returns you with 30 records as a tribute to your loved one.

3. 2″ Teeny Tiny Vinyl

These are amazing. On a limited run of 300 each one of these records contain 6 songs. Each only 10 seconds long, they come from a range of punk bands from Portsmouth and Southampton. The only slight catch is that they’re too small to be played on most record players.. Although that’s not really the point is it?

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4. X-ray Records

There’s a wonderful piece of heritage behind the vinyl-come-xray records. In a day and age where copying an MP3 is easier than clicking 79p on Itunes, its quite startling. During the years of the Soviet Union, bootleggers built homemade recording machines and ingeniously copied and pressed forbidden records on discarded X-Rays obtained from hospitals. They would etch a copy of a record into the X-Ray, cut it into a circle with scissors, and use a cigarette to burn a hole in the middle.

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5. Blood Filled Vinyl

If you thought the Blood for Vinyl article was strange enough, here’s a unique way to promote blood donations. The Flaming Lips produced a limited run of 100 copies for their album Heady Fwends. Donations of human blood were taken from the likes of Nick Cave, Erykah Badu, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Ke$ha, with proceeds going to The Oklahoma Humane Society. I worry about those records being used to create clones.

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EXTRA. Vinyl and Beer/Cider

Ok, so not as wacky as some of those featured in this list.. But our new vinyl subscription club matches craft beer/cider with amazing new music. Each month you receive a box of drinks and a record through the post. Learn more here!
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