Daily Discovery #66: Hugh

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Daily Discovery #66: Hugh

A beautiful mash up of R&B, Soul, and Spoken Word. This is lyrical genius and vocal matching perfection by HUGH.

Don’t be fooled. This is not a beauty of a track by one guy called Hugh. If you’ve not come across Hugh before – they are in fact a collective; four members in total. And this is their beauty. Together they create this electronic twist on R&B and Soul which sounds like poetry to music. Look Back In Laughter delivers elements of Ghost Poet mixed with beautiful soft harmonies and a blast of pop.

The foursome are based in London and currently unsigned. Although we don’t see that lasting too long with records like this on the scene.

Their previous release, Direction, is stunning. As in Look Back In Laughter, they show off their ability to marry the opposing vocals perfectly to create a strikingly warm track. Here’s the video:

You can catch Hugh perform live on October 12th in London. They’re headlining at Electrowerkz with three brilliant support acts: Wildhood, Fran Lobo, and Eliza Shaddad. Get tickets with Dice.