Daily Discovery #68: AFRAKITE

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Daily Discovery #68: AFRAKITE

Hailing from Montreal, AFRAKITE embraces world beats and harmonies to conjure up an inside warmth. As he says ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ and enjoy

It feels like a soundtrack rather than a single. You can imagine the latest release from AFRAKITE conjuring up the emotions that TV producers desperately want whilst playing a montage of clips from sport events etc. It’s a sweet track with elements of world beats and harmonies conjuring up a warm, homely feeling.

Working as a solo artist AFRAKITE performs all the duties on this track. As a multi-instrumentalist, he also spent time learning his craft in audio engineering and mixing. His story takes him from a small town in Ottawa where he grew up a piano student before developing his interest in guitar and drums. He then moved to Montreal in order to pursue a more vibrant music scene. His journey helped him but also showed how isolated he had become in order to follow a career.

Carry Us is released as a follow up to his debut ‘Grown Apart’ a minimalist track that gained national radio play at the time of release.

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