Daily Discovery #69: Lewis Bootle

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Lewis Bootle

Daily Discovery #69: Lewis Bootle

Lewis Bootle shows his skill combining witty, poetic words with his ability as a singer/songwriter. With some songs from the perspective of a Goldfish, its a unique sound.

If you took the atmospheric elements of Ed Sheeran, mixed it with the lyricism of Mike Skinner and Just Jack, oh and whacked in the punk attitude of Frank Turner, you may end up with something similar to Lewis Bootle. Recently releasing his second EP he demonstrates his ability to weave and craft multiple styles; from the vintage warmth of ‘Price of it All’ to the delicate beauty of ‘The Seed’ and the slight comic approach to the life of a fish in ‘Goldfish’ he offers a flair to every note.

The lead single ‘The Seed’ grows throughout the track, as though an oak tree slowly unfurling from a tiny acorn. The production is bright and vivid, with plucked guitar and layered atmospheric tones, it’s one that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Emerging out of a small tiny village in Hertfordshire, Lewis Bootle is no foreigner to gaining attention. Hitting the top ten in Itunes Singer/Songwriter charts he’s earned support slots for the likes of Frank Turner, Sam Duckworth and Beans on Toast. The new EP is marked with a launch at the Monarch in Camden on the 18th of October, followed by a UK tour.

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