Daily Discovery #70: Lewis Del Mar

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Lewis Del Mar

Daily Discovery #70: Lewis Del Mar

Lewis Del Mar have released a track which entwines and changes to create what a feels a full album in just four minutes.

Puerto Cabezas, NI twists and turns continuously introducing new phrases and themes. It’s a transforming masterpiece meaning you’ve not got the essence of the track until you’ve listened to the full thing. With each listen comes increased appreciation. They mix quiet downtime with powerful and aggressive builds. The electronic drums and keys are blended with soundscape. It’s just incredibly intriguing and a brilliant listen.

Lewis Del Mar are a duo – Danny Miller and Max Harwood – from Queens and are now signed with Columbia Records. Speaking to Billboard they explained where their experimental sound has come from:

“We decided that what we really wanted to do was retain some of the rawness of the previous blues-rock band that we were in, in the sense that we wanted to have live drums and acoustic guitar on every track, while incorporating industrial, sampled sounds.”

Their self-titled debut album is available here.