An Inside View of Rega’s Factory

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An Inside View of Rega’s Factory

That small, beautifully formed, piece of heritage in the corner of your room. What work goes in to create that spinning platter that brings so much listening joy?

There’s a few things that will happen after watching this video. You will look at your turntable in a completely different way and have a whole new appreciation of the work that goes into building one. There also may be a bit of jealousy when you see inside Rega’s office.

Based in Essex, Rega create high-end turntables, speakers and cartridges. After forming in 1973 the business headquarters is still based in the country, employing around 90 people. They famously have never had a marketing department.. Only ever running one advert simply stating that they don’t advertise in preference to putting more resources into reasearch and development.

In a rather visually pleasing style, What Hi-Fi have produced a film showing behind the scenes of their factory. The care and dedication of the staff is enough to see how they produce such quality.