Daily Discovery #71: Déyyess

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Daily Discovery #71: Déyyess

A beautiful winter warmer, this debut by DÉYYESS is haunting and irresistible. Vocals that will give you tingles.

After Guns made its way into Friday’s playlist, it was a unanimous decision for it to be given it’s own post too. The track opens with low single string notes replied to with keys – it’s quite a haunting introduction. But in comes the beautifully intriguing voice of Déyyess and it’s all a little softer and warmer.  The way each syllable is given it’s own space and pronunciation is enough to give you shivers all over.

Guns is the debut track of the 19-year-old from Canterbury, Kent. Déesse is the French for Goddess – Déyyess being the phonetical version of this. She writes all her songs on piano and guitar first, and then with her producer James Leggett they complete the alt-pop package.

Rather surprisingly…she’s not an artist that has been singing as long as she can remember, it wasn’t until she was 14 she went to her first open-mic nights. Speaking to BBC Introducing, Déyyess said: “I used to love watching MTV…and I thought to myself one day yeh this is what I want to do, I want to sing, and I didn’t know I could sing.” 

It’s not yet released, but you can hear the first play of her next single Gold here at 22:55.