Daily Discovery #73: Our Girl

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Our Girl

Daily Discovery #73: Our Girl

It’s gritty and full of attitude with calm and sweet interludes. Here’s the rollicking sound of OUR GIRL.

Switching up a gear from yesterday’s slow and peaceful track, today’s will inject you with a bit of energy and the will to get on with the mundane tasks you were saving for tomorrow. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and innocent vocals backed up by boistrous electric guitar and loud drums.

Our Girl are a trio from Brighton and their frontwoman is Soph Nathan – also of The Big Moon. The brilliance that is Being Around is not actually meant to be the finished piece. The band when into the recording studio with the aim of making a demo for the EP… but they loved the recordings so much they stayed the way they were. The full EP was recorded in just one day. There’s that can do attitude installed on you when listening to Being Around. 

Speaking about their new releases to The Line Of Best Fit, Soph Nathan said:

“I think the newer songs express a bit more of an indifference or a dismissal towards that feeling though. An “ah fuck it, don’t waste your time worrying, it’s gonna be fine” feeling.”

Their full EP Normally will be out November 18th on Cannibal Hymns and they’re already working on the album.