Daily Discovery #74: Elli Schoen

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Daily Discovery #74: Elli Schoen

The latest release by Elli Schoen strikes a chord with us all. Telling the story of the complex relationship between mother and daughter, it’s both nostalgic and powerful.

It is with a certain fire that we are introduced to Australia’s Elli Schoen. With on point vocals she delivers her latest single ‘Mumma’ as a search for independence and an anthem for the rebellion of youth. Without doubt her powerful, distinct voice steal the show, proving that pop can be both catchy and sincere.

Telling the tale that many teenage lives can relate to, Elli is searching for independence through the track. Asking her mumma to let her grow and develop, to become the person that she wants to become. It begins by wanting to be able to scrape her knees whilst climbing trees through to spending more times with friends. On listening it provokes a feeling of nostalgia.. We’ve all been in the situation.. Battling against loved ones who in the end are only trying to do their best.

The single is due for official release on October the 15th and has been growing in popularity on Australian record blogs. After being picked up the radio station Triple J Elli gives an insight into what inspired the single.

“I wrote the song because my friend’s mum passed away, and it made me realise just how much of a huge part my mum plays in my life and growth as a person,” says Schoen.

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