Daily Discovery #75: Sølv

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Daily Discovery #75: Sølv

Obsessed with all thing Scandinavian, Portsmouth based Sølv has debuted her atmospheric preview to her latest EP

Silver. That’s where the Portsmouth based Sølv has stemmed her name from. As a translation from the Danish word for the precious metal, it instantly gives a feel of Scandinavian charm. Either that or we’re about to get through a grueling subtitled crime series. Despite hailing from the UK, Sølv has released a brooding, atmospheric single to accompany her EP ‘Black Ink’.

The record is very still, building slowly and shifting through various phases. As with many electro-pop producers the record is built upon multiple layers, with its foundations set among dark synth drones. It’s a late evening listen, when seeking clarity over the day’s troubles or searching for something to sooth the mind.

Working towards the release of her debut EP, Sølv too some time to speak to the blog Highclouds, giving a snap shot into what we can expect in the future..

Once all 4 tracks of the EP are out I’ll be releasing a corresponding zine designed by me filled with visuals, lyrics and photography which will be available as a free online download and as a limited edition hard copy. I’m also working on music for EP 2 and looking into my live set up for gigs.

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