Daily Discovery #76: Au/Ra

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Daily Discovery #76: Au/Ra

Au/Ra offers a deep, fiery debut. Filled with social consciousness it is a humble offering as to what we consider important in the 21st century.

There’s a real power to the debut from Au/Ra. From the opening bars the tone is set with a dark, insomniac sounding rhythm reminding of the constant push through life. There’s definitely a social consciousness to the record. Commentating on the world we live in, Au/Ra’s sugar coated vocals speak of ‘vultures sitting on skyscrapers watching for the ones who fall down first’ and reflecting on how companies such as Amazon Prime are the new world power. It certainly makes you think about the culture we adopt.

Au/Ra is an interesting character. Born in Ibiza and raised in the chilled out Caribbean island of Antigua, the track offers and insight into how her life has changed. Speaking about the record she says “Concrete Jungle” is about the city life and how exciting, difficult and different it is, compared to where I grew up – it’s hard and thrilling too,”

Already being picked up by the likes of Itunes and Spotify as part of their picks of the week features, it’s a debut that grows each time you listen to it. Available now it’s been released by Loudmouth Music to digital retailers.

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