Daily Discovery #77: Allen Tate

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Allen Tate

Daily Discovery #77: Allen Tate

Listen. Your friend is telling you his story. ALLEN TATE manages to effortlessly sing directly to you in this sorrowful track.

Wrapped Up opens like a daydream. It’s soft and calm. The opening guitar is warm and beautiful, easing you in. Then we hear Tate’s incredibly inviting vocals that control silence and demand attention. The track is a tale of loss and it’s beautifully put together. It’s emotional, and that’s apparent from the start. But the further through the track you get, the more urgent the emotive lyrics get.

Allen Tate is from Brooklyn, and began his musical life as the lead singer of San Fermin. It was whilst on tour with the band in 2014 that he turned to writing as a solo act. This composing in 2014 became Sleepwalker, the album soon to be released including Wrapped Up.

“All of these songs have something to do with feeling alone—physically alone, or feeling estranged, or alone like it’s all up to you.” – Allen Tate.

The flip between melancholy and a sense of hope is not just apparent in this track by Allen Tate, but across the whole album. Allen Tate says: “I wanted to translate my experience of feeling optimistic and doubtful at the same time, both into the sounds and the lyrics.”

This conflict between upbeat and withheld is apparent in Being Alone which was released towards the beginning of the year – also to appear on the album Sleepwalker.

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Sleepwalker is out on October 28th.

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