Daily Discovery #78: The Great Escape

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The Great Escape

Daily Discovery #78: The Great Escape

A pulsating bit of electric guitar with dramatic teases. Get pumped up with this serious gem by THE GREAT ESCAPE.

Try and keep control of your head and feet with this track, it’s difficult, even on a low volume. The electric guitar and pacey drum from the off will ensure this is a very hard task. I Can’t Resist is sassy, righteous and a forceful forward march of positivity.  The purposeful silent breaks leave you holding on just a little longer than you think you will be…and each time the track swings back into action, it’s hard to not love it even more.

Three quarters of the way through, we switch down a gear. It’s a little calm with acoustic guitar and less layers; but it’s a tease. The electric guitar rifles back into action and the vocals kick up a notch. Here we go again, this time with pitch bends reaching notes higher than you thought you’d like. It’s hard to resist the energy it is spilling over with. The silence comes again, but this time there’s no electric guitar to ring back out. A little disappointing until you remember the ability to press repeat…

The Great Escape are a trio based in California – Kristian Nord (drums, bass, production), Malte Hagemeister (guitars, production) and singer Ingrid Andersson. They released their debut album in 2014 and they’ve got another one on the way –Universe in Bloom due for release next year.

Here’s the video for I Can’t Resist: