Daily Discovery #79: Lejon Brames

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Daily Discovery #79: Lejon Brames

With a cheery, summer inspired backing, Lejon Brames’ adds unashamedly lo-fi and moody vocals to describe his time spent sofa surfing with no where to go

There’s more contrasts in this track than a zebra crossing’s markings. From the summer sounding, surf inspired textures with joyous guitar riffs to Lejon Brames’ generally downbeat and morose vocal, it tells the story of a melancholic summer spent surfing from coach to coach in friends’ front rooms.

You may have heard from Lejon Brames before, under a different guise of Thomas Little in the band Dazy Crown. This is his first outing as a solo performer under the new moniker. Talking about the record he says it’s ‘Unaplogetically sad’…

“It talks about — in quite a straightforward fashion — my summer of couch-surfing, not having a house, being alone, and hating it. When finding a place to stay for more than a few nights, I started writing and recording some new songs, and actually sort of liked them. I was in a new frame of mind, and wanting a bit of a new beginning. I was watching an episode of The Office (U.S), and Dwight said to Daryl “I’m gonna make you look like Lebron James”, to which Daryl responds “It’s Lejon Brames”. I love The Office. I love basketball. It just had to be that. So here we are; a sad lil dude with some tunes to share.”

The track is released on October the 21st from Hazy Dog Records as part of a new EP called Okay, Listen.

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