Daily Discovery #82: We Were Strangers

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We Were Strangers

Daily Discovery #82: We Were Strangers

An absolutely breathtaking track. This release by WE WERE STRANGERS will surround you and even pulse through you.

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You’re gradually welcomed into the track with a soft, opening. There’s so much space. It’s soon governed by the emotional vocals of Stefan Melbourne. His voice appears so close as he whispers over the soft underlaying track, you listen to every syllable. We get closer to the words that reveal the relationship is over the emotion builds:

“I said now darling tell me is everything okay
You flashed a smile and then just slowly looked away
And as you looked away oh you began to speak
Didn’t hide the feelings that you knew that I would seek.”

The bass kicks in and it is powerful enough to send shivers through you. It’s joined by layers of percussion and a warm echoing ambience surrounds you. The lyrics are incredibly poetical telling a story which most of us can relate to – whether you’re the one with the tears swelling in your eyes you can’t hold in, or the one who has to wait for the words to follow.

We Were Strangers is the project of Manchester based Stefan Melbourne with various musicians performing alongside him.  This is the first track to have been released of the band’s first LP due for release next year with Stargazer Records.