Daily Discovery #1: Thandi

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Daily Discovery #1: Thandi

With RnB and funk influences, ‘Forgetful’ the debut by Thandi has shown her pedigree. Plus it reminds us of an ink-jet printer. In a good way.

There are some metaphors that work and some that don’t. Sure, not everyone wants to be reminded of the shuffling, skittish sound emanating from the corner of the office, but for ThandiĀ it works. The constant, slightly glitchy, beat blasts straight into action. Combined with an 80s funky synth and echoed vocals that fall away like beach-waved hair, the image that she creates is a bold statement for whats to come.

Already, much has been made of her talent. Thandi has played and provided backing vocals for the likes of Ghostpoet, Lisbee and Stainton. She also still performs with the London outfit Club Kuru. This track, Forgetful, is her first foray into solo material. Working alongside producer Graham Godrey more expected through 2016.

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