Daily Discovery #86: Willie J Healey

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Willie J Healey

Daily Discovery #86: Willie J Healey

A nonchalant indie rock track to have fun with. Here’s the care-free sound of WILLIE J HEALEY.

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The first 14 seconds make you think you’re in for a quiet, peaceful track. But the guitars burst in and you’re whisked away to the fun, energetic, and care-free land of Willie J Healey.  We’re a big fan of this calm before the storm feel – and it continues throughout with the guitar interrupted for quieter breaks. These loud and quiet bursts add to the playfulness of the piece and allow the relaxed care-free vocals their time to shine.

Willie J Healey is from Oxford and picked up attention last year with two popular EPs  – HD Malibu and Saturday Night Feeling. This track, Would You Be, is the second of this year’s offerings, following Pipedreams. This track has the same D.I.Y approach, a little rough around the edges which is perfect for the indie-rock care-free feel. Here’s the video: