Daily Discovery #87: EAT FAST

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Daily Discovery #87: EAT FAST

After dropping out of a PHD, EAT FAST’s Adam Pearson recruited 3 more members. In a loud and fuzzed up single, the group preview their debut album due in January

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Imagine, if you will, the modern day version of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. No longer shy or coy about sex, today it would be compiled of 13 second intriguing snap chats followed by cryptic Instagram shots and tweets. Public Displays of Affection are no longer in the realms of teenagers at bus stops, but now broadcast across the stratosphere via 5 megapixel phone cameras. Filled with attitude and grunge, such is the concept of Eat Fast’s new one ‘Public Display of Affection’.

Attempting to describe the record, it’s a like a hangover whizzed up in a whirlwind with a dose of fuzzed up rock guitar providing the driving force. Built on various elements and swirls, the lyrics occasionally fly out like a non-stopping train. Highlighting the confusions the one stand out is the most romantic part of the song “If you really love me won’t you fuck me like you hate me / Let’s get married in a corner shop”. You can see it now. Among the half price Pringles, a mop head for a Veil and a buy one get one free on the dishcloth confetti.

The track is released on November the 2nd via Weekend Denim. It comes ahead of the group working on their debut album next year.

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