A Living Forest Made Of Paper

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A Living Forest Made Of Paper

It rains, animals wander, trees catch fire…. all in a paper forest.

A full 3D set was made by an incredibly talented team for the interactive App, Plants. It’s a fully functioning world waiting to be explored and controlled – and amazingly, it is all beautifully handmade…

First the scene was drawn by Marie Caudry with badgers, deer and even tree fires taking home in a forest landscape.

These images were then handed over to the talented Kelli Anderson and her team to bring to 3D paper life.Paper animals being made

Every animal leg, every minute leaf and every blade of grass were drawn and cut out. With no details missed, even different types of tree were cut out with Maple and Beech trees sporting their corresponding leaves.

Once all the individual pieces were cut, the insane task of sticking them all together began; the legs onto the badger, the leaves onto the trees. Not a simple task; the animals needed to be able to move and eat, to imitate real life. Using wire, it was made sure the animal heads could move so their mouths could open as they nibble on a tree.

Paper Deer eating Paper Tree

Once all pieces were cut and stuck together and the paper forest set was built, every different scenario was filmed, at 24 frames per second. The result? A wonderful world inside an app which you can control. You can change through the seasons and make it rain, you can sow seeds and watch mushrooms grow, make fallen Autumn leaves decompose and even ignite wild fires to roar through the forest.

The purpose? A wonderful way to teach Kids about the real world, a functioning paper forest waiting to be explored inside an App. In her blog, Kelli Anderson writes “This promotes an understanding of a world that is complex but is one in which hypotheses can be made and patterns can be realised.”