A Free Record With McDonalds?

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McDonalds Vinyl Single

A Free Record With McDonalds?

Many of us love vinyl records for the quality, warmth and depth of the music, but there’s been some pretty great marketing uses of the record in the past, mainly in the form of the flexi disc…

Cereal Boxes

Cut Out Archies Record on Cereal BoxSince the 1950s, flexi discs were handed out in cereal boxes. The most impressive being those which were made part of the packaging. Buyers had to cut the cardboard circle out of their cereal box, and when placed on the turntable, it played music. Simply amazing.


Nat Geo Whale Flexi DiscMagazines inserted thin flexi discs as pages in their magazines, or on the front cover. Buyers were instructed to cut out the flexi disc, place it on the turntable, and even pop a coin in the centre to hold it down. National Geographic are known for records in their magazines, notably one playing whale noises released in 1979.

McDonalds Competition

One of our favourites, a competition/advertisement given out by McDonalds on a record. It played an incredibly catchy song reciting their menu, and at the end of it you would be told if you had won the $1,000,000. Of course, with odds of 1 in 80,000,000 it was pretty unlikely…