Daily Discovery #91: Rousseau

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Daily Discovery #91: Rousseau

Get hypnotised with this captivating electronic debut of ROUSSEAU.

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This is the debut of Rousseau and its mesmerising feel echoes what the song is about. Our every day lives. It evolves throughout with different phrases to keep you engaged whilst staying familiar to emphasise the repetitive message.

The artist behind Rousseau is Clare Elizabeth from New Zealand. This is the first we have ever seen of Rousseau. The track was produced by Ed Zuccollo who wrote on his Facebook about the track:

“I wanted it to be lush, groovy, continually interesting in some way and more importantly, keep me not only interested but satisfied with my work when it came time to say ‘this is finished'” 

Well, Hurd definitely think this is an incredible evolving production and see ‘lush’ and ‘groovy’ as rather fitting descriptions of the track.

Sugar Plum is the first track released off the debut album – Sugar Plum.

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