Daily Discovery #92: Ella Vos

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Daily Discovery #92: Ella Vos

Exploring the relationship between a sister and a brother, the latest from Ella Vos has a deep personal meaning after a family trauma

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Filled with optimism, the truth behind the latest release from Ella Vos is one in which heartbreak and hope collide. Stemming from a difficult time in the LA artist’s life, the track portrays the importance of family with the unconditional love felt between siblings. Since releasing her debut ‘White Noise‘ this follow up shines a light on another sentimental place.

Built on solid production with a driving bass line, Ella’s feather light vocals call out to her younger sibling, exploring the relationship between them. It’s a situation which is exasperated after her brother was involved in a car accident. Thankfully, he is alive and well and from such trauma this tender track can emerge.

Released on the 11th of November the track has been well received by the blogging community. Working its way up the ranks on Hype Machine, the added sentiment is summed up in a simple tweet from Ella:

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