Daily Discovery #93: Else Born

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Else Born

Daily Discovery #93: Else Born

This offering of ELSE BORN is blissfully mellow. Thankfully it comes with an electronic drumbeat to stop you from melting into a bundle of laziness.

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“This Time/Remember” is the debut of Norwegian Else Born. Her delicately floating vocals hover over a pulsing repetitive beat. The track is looking at the beginning of a relationship, the exciting phase when there’s “nothing to prove“.

“Remember how we used to run all the lights
Remember us sparkling, still holding on”

Behind Else Born is Turid Alida Solberg, from the Norwegian pop group Philco Fiction. It’s being released on Eskimo Recordings on Friday 11th November. We have to thank Line of Best Fit for bringing this cosy electronic pop track to our attention.

Here’s why Eskimo whipped Esme Born right up:

“It’s a melancholic mid-tempo track we instantly fell in love with at the Eskimo HQ. With its gentle synths, soft percussive elements and mesmerizing vocals, ‘This Time/Remember’ is a beautifully crafted track that creates a sense of nostalgia.”
Eskimo Recordings.

Else Born doesn’t seem to be on the socials just yet, but you can connect with Eskimo Recordings on these: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter