Daily Discovery #95: Hater

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Daily Discovery #95: Hater

The perfect track to switch off to. Here’s the indie-pop brilliance of HATER with their brand new single.
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Mental Haven is a hazy low-fi indie number eluding a promise everything will turn out just fine. It’s constant melody keeps the upbeat feel going and the relaxed vocals put you in a state of ease. It’s got everything you could want from a dreamy indie-pop track.

Mental Haven is the lead single of Hater’s debut LP, “You Tried” due for release in March 2017. It’s about finding an inner peace, a mental haven, to block out any madness outside. That itself makes it a great track to switch off to. It’s 3 and a half minutes of comforting.

Hater are a four piece from Sweden. They released their debut EP Radius earlier and their seems quite a bit of excitement around to hear the next tracks from the upcoming LP. You can pre-order their debut LP released on PNKSLM on vinyl over here.