Daily Discovery #2: Sody

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Sody - Sophie Dyson

Daily Discovery #2: Sody

Despite being born after the Millenium Bug, 15 year old Sody brings her unique vocals to her debut track Sorry.

Undoubtedly there will be a lot of hype surrounding Oxfordshire musician Sophie Dyson, AKA Sody. For someone who’s only as old as the Eden Project, her sound offers something as unique as the plants inside the bubbles. Filed in the same areas as Ellie Goulding and Charlie XCX, when the 15 year old releases her EP this summer it will be to a glittering reception.

Sorry is the first snap shot we’re getting into whats to come. With a strong sense of self belief it tells the tale of Sody apologising to a partner for not reciprocating their feelings. Within in it you’ll discover her unique vocals, crafting their way over dark, sludgey synths. It’s a pop track, sang with passion that will, like so many good records do, lurk somewhere in your brain until you find yourself humming a version of it filling up the car.

If you can, listen to some of the other offerings from Sody. Her Soundcloud features a cover of Lapsley’s Hurt Me and Foxes’ Better Love. Away from glistening production, her voice matched with piano shows the real potential of this young, talented songstress.

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