Daily Discovery #3: Lowla

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Lowla - Duo from London

Daily Discovery #3: Lowla

Lowla are a London based duo, obsessed with the 90s, their style is backed up with substance through their debut Reckless

From overalls to golfing visors, there are many style trends that should be locked into the dressing up box and never seen again. The 90s may not have provided us with the same attitude and style of that of Punk, but for the decade that gave us butterfly clips and the Spice Girls, there are a few things for Lowla, a duo from London, to cherry pick.

In the age of Instagram, Facebook and a whole world being at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever for up and coming artists to present an image for themselves. Lowla, consisting of producer Lo and stylist Lara are set on sculpting pastels and denims straight from epoch marked by platformed shoes and mini skirt wearing.

Their single, Reckless, offers something different from their 90s obsession. It’s pure pop with a fierce bass line. The lyrics shimmer from sweetness through to in your face, determination. One comment on their Soundcloud described it as ‘vocals like hammer and disc grinder on steel’ Without doubt sparks will fly on hearing the duos sound.

We’re waiting to hear more from the partners. Reckless was released on the 31st of March 2016 through DIY.