Daily Discovery #4: YOURS

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YOURS San Francisco Duo

Daily Discovery #4: YOURS

If a band list their interests as ‘Ice Cream’ you have to give them a listen, right? YOURS capture that sunshine fueled brilliance in just a few bars of Goldmine.

Knowledge is power, and thus to write about San Francisco based YOURS it’s fine to spend a portion of the day researching The Golden City. The Culture Trip describes it as ‘home to hippies, techies, and fashionistas while being known for its summers, landmarks, architecture, fog and rolling hills’ Doesn’t seem like too bad a place to form an Indie Pop partnership.

YOURS is the pairing of Milton Nieves and Kazmo Vilmar, who first showed their flair for experimental pop in 2013 with their Welcome EP. Their latest offering finds the duo honing their skills to create a catchy, summer sounding, optimistic release. Still ambitious with the experimental electronic notes, it’s provided them with some decent hype so far. Premiering on Line of Best and local blog The Deli, they describe the inspiration behind the release as…

Realizing the drastic changes happening around us in San Francisco over the last couple years opened up the doors for writing Goldmine. As SF continues to become this money making machine, it also starts to have an impact on a lot of struggling industries. The massive flood of tech driven individuals, increased house prices, and expensive day to day living has made it hard for the creative minds to make a living. However, the upside is that you hope with all this money laying around some good may come out of it for us like new venues and more spending on music sales or commercial opportunity. We’ll see what happens to this golden city in the next couple of years”

Whichever way that goes, we have a pretty golden release from YOURS.