Daily Discovery #141: Caro

‘Caro. As Refreshing as an ice cold beer’ You probably can’t get much more accurate than that comment on their Soundcloud upload of ‘Closet Lunatic’. Featuring a fierce bass synth and alt-j inspired vocals, it’s different and addictive.

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Who?  Andy, Bryn and Adam

Where? Leeds

The Story? Apparently meeting in Hobby Craft after all 3 reached for the same model airplane kit. Although we’re getting this info from here so that may not be totally accurate.

Best line? Underneath your goody two shoes are a dirty pair of socks you’re never going to wash… ooh oh.

Anything else to put into this easy to consume list? They’re a bit like the early Alt-J tracks. Playing a lot around the North out the moment. What exactly is the rhythm on this track?!

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