The Art Its Creator Will Never See

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Forest Art

The Art Its Creator Will Never See

An artist is creating a giant piece of art out of a huge forest – but we’ve got to wait 200 years until the forest art is ready. The NEW Forest is the creation of dutch artist Maarten Baas. Trees will be planted according to the colour of their leaves, and the result is a forest which will eventually spell out ‘New’ when looking from above.

As the trees mature the pattern will slowly emerge, and by 2216 the trees will be fully grown.  As the seasons change, so does the canvas. When the leaves change colour and fall, the forest art adapts – all part of the plan.

forest art


The chosen site for the forest is on Flevoland, a man made island in the Netherlands. To ensure it can be seen from above, via GoogleEarth and drones, 100 hectares are reserved for the art. That’s almost 180 football fields!

Lets hope we get a glimpse of the pattern in our lifetime!