Best Ways To Recycle Your Vinyl

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Recycle Your Vinyl

Best Ways To Recycle Your Vinyl

If you’re looking to get creative with your old scratched records, then here are the best ways to recycle your vinyl! And if you don’t have any of your own old vinyl…get down to your local charity shop. Make sure its not a record you’ll want to play in a few months though…there’s no going back.


Recycle Your Vinyl Bowl

Put an oven-safe bowl upside down on top of baking paper on a baking tray. Next, centre the vinyl on top of the bowl, and pop the whole thing in the oven. Take it out once the sides have flopped around the bowl, and mould it to any shape you like whilst still hot.

Light Shade

Recycle Your Vinyl Light Shade

This photo is one hand made by these guys. Making them is a little like the bowl method above, but when you remove it from the oven you need to widen the centre hole to allow the wiring through.


Recycle Your Vinyl Art

Depending on your creative ability, you can incorporate a record into a piece of wall art – simply replace anything that is normally circular with your vinyl!


Recycle your vinyl

Either leave the record as it is before attaching the clockwork – or cut it out into any shape, animal or object that takes your fancy!


Recycle Your Vinyl Coasters

Keep the record whole to use as a placemat, or cut it to a smaller circle, just showing the label, and you’ll find you can recycle your vinyl to make the best looking coaster around! Either cut a piece of wood to shape to stick underneath, or make do with just the record.

Cupcake Stand

Vinyl Cakestand

If you’re feeling more adventurous, this little project is definitely worth a go. You’ll need three records and a metal pole, check out the instructions here. 

Magazine Holder

Vinyl Magazine Holder

You can either recycle your vinyl to make a single magazine holder to sit on the floor, or if you’re feeling ultra creative make a stack of them to screw into the wall. Check out this guide if you fancy your chances.

 Wine Rack

Recycle Your Vinyl Wine Rack

This one above is from RetiredRecords, but why not make your own. You’ll need to melt the records in the oven again to bend to shape, and once assembled your old records will look brilliant as a wine rack (or beer storage!).