Daily Discovery #5: Wildes

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Picture of Wildes

Daily Discovery #5: Wildes

The tenderness of Daughter with the enthralling sound of Lana Del Ray, Wildes’ latest pulls you into the story from the opening.

The magnitude of simplicity is something not to be shunned. From its inception, Wildes sets the tone for her most recent track ‘Illuminate’. Telling the tale of a heartbroken, struggling, soul her vocals passionately deliver the lines ‘Tell Me What I’ve Got to do to Make Right of My Wrongs?’ Immediately they draw you in, putting you into the position of the protagonist. The journey you embark on listening to the track is one of pure emotion.

Wildes is the moniker of Ella Walker, a 19 year old singer/songwriter working out of London. With the use of reverbed guitars, she creates spacious indie records pierced with her captivating, breathtaking, vocals. For many, listening to her tracks will cause comparisons to Daughter, Birdy and Lana Del Ray, however this is more than a mere copycat performance. To pen music so deep and raw shows a true honesty to subject.

Illuminates his Wildes’ most recent offering, a track which builds and pushes you deeper as you travel. Whilst she has your ear, listen to her release ‘Bare’ another stunningly emotional record.