Daily Discovery #6: Rosie Carney

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Daily Discovery #6: Rosie Carney

I was the anchor that slept in your sand. How can we sail if you’re stuck to this land? With spectral vocals, the debut from Rosie Carney is delicate, tender and captivating.

There’s an eeriness to the start of Rosie Carney’s debut delivery. Better Man drifts delicately into your consciousness, instantly setting the mood and drawing us all into a more frail state. Heart-wrenching to the final tone, it’s a captivating and intimate record showing her ability to enthrall the listener’s ear.

Living in Donegal, Ireland, Rosie states that she uses the rugged landscape around her to craft her music. Finding something wonderful about feeling vulnerable, she believes that its ‘an important aspect of human nature, to allow our hearts to feel and break to their full capacity.’

As a way to mark what’s to come, Rosie has set her stall high. More records are promised on her Soundcloud but with Better Man making it onto the top 10 on Hype Machine as well as featuring on both iTunes and Spotify, it’s an introduction that many would dream of.

It’s not been an easy journey for Rosie. With difficulties moving from home and settling into life in Ireland, things took a difficult turn in 2015 where she battled with mental illness. Her story is one of determination and mental strength. She recently took to her website to describe the tale. Please do take the time to read more here: http://www.rosiecarney.com/#!i-am-a-reason/k3elq