Daily Discovery #7: SKOTT

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Daily Discovery #7: SKOTT

A hit on Breaking More Waves, Hype Machine, Pigeons and Planes and about every other new music blog. SKOTT’S entry to the pop world is an odyssey for your ears.

The blogging world is one that is powerful and pacey, where tracks come and go and artists find refuge in their favourite scribbles. Once in a while though this online community of pale skinned, keyboard warriors, discovers a track that everyone wants a piece of. With words like ‘anthemic’ and ‘digital melancholy melodrama’ SKOTT’s debut has caught everyone’s ear.

On listening you can understand why. Her whimsical, ethereal sound draws you in as she meanders around her journey. The production on the record gives it a monstrous edge, sure to play around your heard like the little ear worm it is.

The story of SKOTTS music goes that she was raised in a forest commune, not hearing contemporary music until she grew up and hit the big city. It’s a tale which makes you instantly romanticize the creativity and story behind the record, although as the team behind Breaking More Waves point out, this could be a little romanticized.

The record will be available via Chess Club on the 29th of July as a limited edition 7″. Until then we wait for SKOTT’s B side ‘Wolf’. Pre-orders are being taken.