Daily Discovery #8: LIVI

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LIVI Clark Music

Daily Discovery #8: LIVI

As relaxed as a scented candle and more chilled than Kerry Katona’s prawn ring, meet and unwind to LIVI.

The inception of any artist is always an exciting time. Whilst currently studying at the Royal Northern College of Music, LIVI has a handful of records available for us to discover. With a retro feel, she is already carving out her own distinctive sound. Her vocals provide a mellow, smooth touch to her electronic workings whilst meandering gently through her tracks. There’s something quite addictive about LIVI’s work, like the last sweet in the packet.. You just can’t say no.

Currently taking her first steps into the industry, she’s working on releasing her music independently. Already sounding like a relaxing spa weekend, her chilled out vibe continues through each track available on Soundcloud. Funky Feelings provides us with a good slice of hypnotic funk, where as Snow Snakes and Blue Skies demonstrate LIVIs ability to work her voice into giving a touch of extra spice.

“[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]unky feelings is about the honest, exciting and uncomplicated feelings you have for someone when you first meet. The song is about daring to not hold back and just simply embracing the funky feeling of fancying the pants off someone”

LIVI’s EP is forthcoming, and as she grows and develops as an artist it’ll be good to see how that sound progresses. There’s a few festival dates on the horizon with more new music due to follow shortly.