Daily Discovery #96: CAYNE

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Daily Discovery #96: CAYNE

Any song that has the word ‘YAAAAAS’ written in its soundcloud reviews is going to be interesting. Arresting from the start, the latest from CAYNE has grit and determination coursing through it.

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With a raspy, smoker’s larynx styled guitar, CAYNE presents a record that is rippling with energy. The instrumentation to the track is simple yet bold. Hand claps provide an anthemic, war cry, feel whilst the distorted electric drives through as the song’s spine. When the vocals hit, you’re taken to a rousing, succulent, chant.

Superlatives aside, the latest offering from CAYNE will keep you hooked throughout its 3 minute duration. Based in Nashville, Jessica competed on NBC’s series 3 of the Voice. Her sound has grown and developed, offering a bold stormy style.

Out now, you cannect with CAYNE in the usual way: Facebook | Insta | Web