Daily Discovery #98: Alex Izenberg

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Alex Izenberg

Daily Discovery #98: Alex Izenberg

Listening to this track by ALEX IZENBERG is like looking down the tube of a kaleidoscope. It’s endlessly twisting and morphing into something new.

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The windpipe instruments opening the track are the first hint you shouldn’t get settled into what you’re listening. Hot Is The Fire is the latest release of Alex Izenberg from Los Angeles in his trail of alternative singles. In three and a half minutes we hear what could be five different singles which makes such a refreshing listen. Twangs of electric guitar meet nursery rhyme dingles of percussion and electronic pitch-altered wavering notes. It’s a colourful illusion.

His previous release from last month is Grace. A little gentler, it features Izenberg’s vocals over piano and strings.

Each track comes with it’s own journey to embark on. A story to unravel in a tea break.

Both these tracks come from his debut album out on November 18th. Its the result of five years of recording under different pseudonyms. You can pre-order a copy here.

You can reach him on his socials: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter