Daily Discovery #99: Family Friends

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Family Friends

Daily Discovery #99: Family Friends

Brace yourself for your new self important strut with FAMILY FRIENDS beating through your headphones.

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Gritty guitars with an upbeat melody and a pacy drum beat create a reason to walk with attitude. Look The Other Way is the latest release of Family Friends – a brother and sister duo from London. It’s fresh, uplifting and has a controlled loudness about the chorus, it’s crashing, but measured and gives off a great amount of energy. The vocals of Rebecca Fitzsimons are beautifully easy and have such a powerful tone that is so pleasing to listen to. By the end of the first play, it easily becomes a familiar dish of magic to pop on again and again.

It’s the first single released following their debut three track EP Across The Water. Catch up on their previous material:

Signed with Beatnik Creative, perhaps another EP or LP is on the horizon? Follow them on their socials to keep in with the latest news: FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD | TWITER