Daily Discovery #102: ISLE

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Daily Discovery #102: ISLE

Hailing from the Scottish Borders, ISLE create wonderfully shimmering records. Whilst a colour palette of sound builds, there’s still some melancholy.

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Wedding invites are riskier things than they appear. In the constant desire to produce something quirky and unique there appears to be a growing trend for including glitter in the envelope. This then spills into a shimmering shower, cascading everywhere when opening the document. ISLE’s new track is glitter filled. Elements glistening throughout as this piece of melodic pop flows soothingly through your mind… And fortunately, there’s no chance of a mess on the carpet.

Despite its bright colour palette of sound, there does feel a slight regretful tone to the record. It’s a diverse piece of music, constantly evolving and changing emotions. You feel it would suit a film or TV montage well.. Just as someone starts a new life somewhere else, whilst their friends have one last blow out party.

ISLE are a duo from the Scottish Borders. Currently unsigned, they join a growing number of electro artists, likeĀ Chvrches, coming from the area.

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