Daily Discovery #103: Storm Greenwood

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Storm Greenwood

Daily Discovery #103: Storm Greenwood

Make sure you hold on to every word as if it’s about to shatter into pieces. This the beautifully fragile track by STORM GREENWOOD.

With such beautiful and delicate vocals, anything other than one instrument would take away from the intense listening experience you get when listening to Winter Love. The high voice of Storm hovers above a simple acoustic guitar and it is the perfect match. The result is an intimate listen, where you listen to every word and hear every movement as if you’re in the room for a one on one gig. Simplicity speaks volume.

Storm Greenwood is a singer/songwriter from Brighton. She grew up in the countryside, where she was home educated by her artist parents and then began writing songs and poetry when she was just eight. Last year, Storm released her debut EP, The Wilderness and Winter Love is the first track to come out since then.

You can reach out to Storm Greenwood on her socials: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | SOUNDCLOUD