Daily Discovery #104: ot to, not to

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Moly Burch

Daily Discovery #104: ot to, not to

Today a laptop can be a studio. With plugins, midi controls and editing suits, there’s no limits to what can be created. So why use lo-fi? Because it’s real

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It sounds late. The sort of recording you can only achieve during the unique quiet times of night. For anyone that’s enjoyed Nils Frahm’s work, there’s a warmth and intimacy that translates onto the tape during these hours. Instantly arresting, Ian Mugerwa, the man behind ot to, not to blends modern blues with lofi techniques to build a sound much more mature that his 20 ish years.

Almost apprehensive, Murgerwa plays with sound in a wonderfully refreshing way. Using older lo-fidelity gear there’s a transparency to the recordings. Rather than polished and gleaming, this has the character of a pre-owned gem. Everything is picked up. His breaths, the fingers on the guitar frets and the slight murmur of background conversation. The layers are built naturally providing depth to each second.

Talking to The Fader, Murgerwa states “The track is just about personal stuff” there’s no doubting the gentle tenderness behind Mamama.

The track is available now alongside his debut album. It’s deep and pure and addictive. Enjoy.

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