Daily Discovery #105: Molly Burch

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Molly Burch

Daily Discovery #105: Molly Burch

An indie track with a real different feel about it – after 5 seconds listening to this track for the first time its place as a Daily Discovery was guaranteed.

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The laid back vocals with an alluring tone phase between whispering to projecting each symbol which makes this track so incredibly intriguing. It helps tell the story, bring emotion to the words and bring the whole track to life. Try is the first single ahead off her debut album due for release 17th February with Captured Tracks. The mish mash of instruments with their own key melodies come together to create the unique sound that compliments the vocal style of Molly Burch. It’s fun and a real easy listen. She effortlessly shows off an impressive range which is increasingly captivating.

Molly Burch grew up in LA with two creative parents – her father was a writer/producer and her mother a casting director. She is now based in Austin, Texas where she took pen to paper to write this track.

“Wouldn’t it be so nice if we felt the same.
I wish you would try,
I wish you would try
I wish you would try,
I wish you would try.”

Preorder the debut album Please Be Mine on beautiful light pink vinyl here.