Daily Discovery #106: Hollow Coves

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Hollow Coves

Daily Discovery #106: Hollow Coves

Even looking at the artwork for this single by HOLLOW COVES is enough to start loosening all those tense knots.

Coastline is intensely calming, but unlike many of these tranquil beauties, its beat becomes a little pacey and the mood uplifting. The serenity of the vocals with the acoustic instruments provides a heavenly daydream. This could easily sit in your ‘The Last Cure For My Bad Mood’ playlist. It’s been picked up the world over, hitting #1 on Hype Machine and it gained a spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

Behind Hollow Coves are Ryan and Matt from Brisbane, Australia. They’ve been quiet for two years since releasing their debut EP The Drifting in 2014. This first EP was acoustic, and serene and a little more folky than their new material. Here’s one of the tracks from that 2014 EP: