Daily Discovery #107: Labradoor

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Daily Discovery #107: Labradoor

Embrace the pitch bends and dreamy guitar melodies in this track by LABRADOOR to wander through a slightly hazy and warped world.

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Autocorrect isn’t too helpful for these guys, watch out for the double ‘o’ otherwise you end up with countless articles on how to potty train your pooch… Off The Ground is a little bundle of warmness really, the first line of vocals seem to relax you with the pitch bends making you feel you’re in a different reality. It sets up the rest of the track to be an easy listen. You’ve been hypnotised into this new world, for three and a half minutes.

Picture yourself in a busy field. Slowly shifting your weight between your left and right foot. Beer in hand and not a care in the world. Would be great to see these guys at a festival next year…

Here’s their previous release from earlier this year. Another persuasion to see them on stage…